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Viral marketing has been effective with several different types of marketing campaigns. “Breaking Bad” is my favorite television show of all time; I was hooked on the show since season one. Therefore, it was exciting to me when the show’s network, AMC, came up with a potent digital marketing formula to promote the show’s final season. It promoted brand awareness while encouraging loyalty and fan engagement. It also incorporated several characteristics of a successful viral marketing campaign including videos, humor, interactivity, social commenting, and social media optimization.

The network combined a variety of techniques to hype up frenzied fans by engaging with them in several creative ways. Fans produced several parodies and tribute videos such as these:

As you can see, humor was also incorporated into some of the videos. A clever app encouraged Breaking Bad addicts to answer questions, share pictures, and quotes from the show through the #bbaddict hashtag. With such a loyal following, the show inspired a lot of quality graphic design and fan art. AMC embraced it as part of their marketing campaign by setting up a Tumblr to promote it while encouraging social commenting. This also encouraged interactivity among fans. A tell-tale sign of a campaign going viral is the number of memes and gifs present on the web.

There are over 26 million Breaking Bad gifs on the internet.

There are over 26 million Breaking Bad gifs on the internet.

Breaking Bad has over 26 million gifs and 13 million memes dedicated to it (Sellars, 2013.) The viral and fan created content came in every variation on the internet as it also came by way of infographics, character accounts for social media pages, blogs, and microsites created by AMC all helped promote the show while creating a large community for the fans to share their love for the show.

The Clothing on Breaking Bad Is a Clue to Understanding the Characters

The Clothing on Breaking Bad Is a Clue to Understanding the Characters as shown in this infographic 

Breaking Bad’s success has led to a spin-off series called “Better Call Saul.” Fans of the Saul Goodman character will be pleased to know that AMC has already began marketing the prequel, with a real billboard in Albuquerque, New Mexico (Robinson, 2014.) If you use the number listed, you can actually call Saul too. It will be interesting to see what other methods of viral marketing AMC will use for the new series.

A billboard that can currently be seen in Albuquerque, NM.

A billboard that can currently be seen in Albuquerque, NM.

Since it’s been a while since my last blog post, you may be wondering if a trailer will be featured at the end of  the post. Well, there is still a trailer attached to each post. This one looks like another promising film with a moving story heavily focused on music. As a parent, it looks like they’re may be some sad, touching scenes. However, as a Shameless fan, I’m anticipating some crude humor courtesy of first time director William H. Macy. It could also potentially be another music centric film starring Billy Crudup, akin to Almost Famous. Below is a trailer for the upcoming film entitled “Rudderless.”


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Robocop 2014

Social media marketing can be tricky when promoting a film. It can be the source of bad buzz for a recently released film, preventing audiences from paying to watch certain movies. A few bad tweets or Facebook status updates can spread quickly, leading to unwanted negative attention for a film. There are also other risks in social media marketing campaigns. In addition to negative reviews and feedback, a social media campaign can simply be handled poorly by the marketing team. Using social media as a promotional tool can be great for business and really help promote the release of a big budget film. However, a plan needs to be in place of what’s going to be said and the marketing team needs to make sure the channels are put to use after they’re set up.

Memes can always help.

Humorous memes can always help a social media marketing campaign.

Sony Pictures recently released an updated version of the 1980s futuristic action movie and cult film “Robocop.” The film’s official website greets visitors with two clearly visible links to the Facebook and Twitter accounts for the new film. It makes sense for the marketing team to use the two most common social media platforms. What doesn’t make sense is how poorly they used these resources. With a February 7, 2014, release date I would think the social media pages would be all about posting pictures of premiere events and links to promotional appearances and interviews the cast did throughout the months leading to the official release date. Unfortunately, the most recent post on the official Facebook page was made on November 27th. Here’s what it looked like.

Posts like these get a muli-million dollar film's page a whopping 58 likes.

Posts like these get a muli-million dollar film’s page a whopping 58 likes.

It’s possible that the marketing team has focused more of their attention on the Twitter account and that’s why the Facebook page is so shoddy. Not every post can always be the most intriguing or attention grabbing for a big budget film, right?  Well, the Twitter account’s most recent post took place on January 24th. Again, with the release a couple of weeks away, it would make sense to post promotional appearances the cast has made. Videos could be posted that show the cast excited about the film, discussing why people need to go see the film, what’s different about this version, and why it’s worth paying for a ticket. Maybe engage with fans a little by asking them to tweet favorite lines and scenes from the original Robocop. Pictures from the premiere would be a great way to bring some excitement to the social media marketing, as well as promote the film. At least remind people when the film is coming out and where they can go see it with a link to showtimes and ticket buying services! That’s a no-brainer in marketing a film with social media, right? Well, here’s that most recent post.

RoboCop Tweet


I think that marketing teams for films should find audiences early and connect with audiences through social media. Engaging with the audience in creative and interactive ways will allow studios to grow a loyal following for films, as well as gain valuable feedback. From the aspect of a film lover, I believe that the information and data which is learned via social media should also be shared with creators of film.

When a film stars an actor such as Joel Kinnaman, well-known for playing Stephen Holder on AMC’s “The Killing,” the marketing campaign needs to capitalize on his potential.  I mean, look at the range of this likable Swedish actor:

For this week’s trailer, I will remain with a film that seems to appear to take place in the future and feature a theme of saving humanity. Christopher Nolan‘s upcoming film, “Interstellar,” looks amazing. Hans Zimmer has also done his score again, undoubtedly providing a thrilling soundtrack that will complement the film perfectly. In addition, it stars Matthew McConaughey, who I have recently changed my opinion on as a result of his work on “True Detective.” Hopefully, it will leave fans feeling like he did when he won his Best Actor Ocscar. Alright, alright, alright.