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When it comes to movie studios promoting films, for every two dollars spent making a film, another dollar is spent on marketing or four billion dollars per year. Typical film promotion includes trailers in theaters, TV advertisements, billboards, and promotional appearances by actors across the media. While these methods create a level of awareness of the films being promoted, other factors drive people to buy tickets. These factors are usually encompassed in validation of a film’s worth that comes from professional reviews, recommendations, and buzz about the film. Social media has played a big role in transforming this validation process.

With more and more people frequently using mobile devices and social media, film studios have increased targeted buys on social channels. IAB reports that 42% of United States smartphone users under the age of 35 now check social media apps before deciding on which movie to see. The marketplace is clearly changing and, as a result, new trends in film marketing have emerged. One mobile social media application that drives business in film marketing is Republic Project.

Republic Project is a social rich media company. With the growth of social media in recent years, film studios have increased targeted buys on social channels. However, their posts are usually one-dimensional when it comes to engagement. Republic Project’s rich media allows for multiple engagements from a single post, maximizing the efficiency of media buys on social channels to decrease the cost per engagement. This makes Republic Project stand out in the world of social media. It truly delivers an interactive cross-platform user experience that gains exposure for a film in a seamless, simple, and successful way which stays with customers no matter where they are (social networks, across the web, or on mobile).

Republic Project provides a cross-platform user experience.

Republic Project provides a cross-platform user experience.

Republic Project uses a simple, unified distribution process. After an advertisement is published, it does not have to be touched again. However, a campaign can be modified at any time with the cloud-based content management system. Once a campaign on Republic Project begins, multiple variables of it can be tracked and monitored with an in-depth analytics dashboard. The number of clicks, click-through rates, views, interactions, and purchases can all be viewed and are sorted by custom date ranges. The dashboard is used to correlate messages and theme designs to gauge user response and hone the message of the campaign.

Edge of Tomorrow

The Warner Bros. film is in U.S. theaters June 6th. The film also stars Emily Blunt.

Tom Cruise’s new film, “Edge of Tomorrow,” is currently integrating a successful campaign with Republic Project. The SOCIALFIRE Pro unit allows Warner Bros. to share videos, live streams, social feeds, animations, and sweepstakes directly with their fans on Facebook and Twitter without them ever having to leave their newsfeed.

Since I’ve already brought up “Edge of Tomorrow,” here is the trailer for the film. While I’m not the biggest fan of films with such large budgets, it seems to have a decent story. An added incentive is that one of the screenwriters, Christopher McQuarrie, wrote the 1995 crime classic “The Usual Suspects.”


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